29 Apr 2019

The outdoor elements and weather as a whole can certainly be quite tough on your home’s exterior.  When your home suffers from storm damage resulting from high winds, lightning, hail and a variety of other harsh outdoor elements, it is important that homeowners take appropriate steps to ensure that their home is properly protected from any further damage.  When your home is damaged by a storm both the security of your home and its overall structure can be compromised.

When damage is suffered, it is important you do not leave the damaged portions of your home unattended to for too long.  If you do, you may very well find yourself faced with some pretty serious damages and repair costs that will ultimately mount up as the damage spreads from one area of your home to another.  This is primarily the case with water damage but can certainly result from other forms of damage as well.  You want to be sure that your home is able to protect you and your family at all times from the outdoor elements and storms, so be sure to follow these important steps should your home suffer storm damage.  By following these simple steps you can minimize the damage itself and the overall impact it will have on the comfort and safety of your family.

First, start by inspecting all the damage.  If the exterior of your home has suffered any type of damage at all you should thoroughly inspect the damage suffered or even hire a professional to come in and perform the inspection for you.  This inspection will not only identify the problems, but will help in determining the appropriate repairs that are needed in order to get your home back to its pre-damaged state.

Next, you want to be sure to document all the storm damage that occurred, whether to the roofing or the exterior.  A storm professional can help you document the damage by taking photos or videos of the extent of the damage.  This documentation will come in very handy after the fact.

Next, it is time to contact your home owner’s insurance company.  Be sure to fill out all the pertinent documents and provide all your documented proof of damage.  Precise documentation will serve to be extremely helpful when notifying your insurance company and filing your initial storm damage claim.

Finally, you don’t want to hesitate when it comes to having your repairs performed.  Quick repair of any damages will minimize any chances of your home experiencing any additional damage as a result of delayed repairs.  Leaks that occur in the home’s roofing can lead to some pretty serious damage in other areas of the living space as well and if left unattended for too long may require a complete replacement.

Storms are a common occurrence everywhere and indeed some storms can wreak a whole lot more havoc than others.  Damage to homes and buildings can be intense at times and the amount of damage incurred by storms can vary drastically.  However, it is important to recognize no matter how little or much damage your home may suffer as a result of a storm, proper, timely repairs are essential to the overall health and structure of your home.

If your home has suffered from storm damage, then the team here at Construct-All USA can help.  Our highly skilled and trained team of professionals is on hand to provide you with all the services and repairs needed.  We take tremendous pride in our top of the line products and services and look forward to our every opportunity to serve you.  If your home has suffered from storm damage, then don’t delay.  Reach out to the experts here at Construct-All USA today!

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