01 Sep 2020

Often times when homeowners are looking to enhance the functionality, appearance and value of their homes they can be faced with a challenging decision. However, choosing a deck addition for your home presents with a few obvious benefits. The team here at Construct-All USA wants to take this time to share with our valued clients the benefits you can enjoy when you choose to add a deck to your home and property.


First and foremost a deck addition undoubtedly adds aesthetic appeal to your home. Here at Construct-All USA we work right alongside our clients in designing the perfect, unique deck that accents the existing style and décor of your home ensuring that your new deck adds greatly to the look and feel of your outdoor living space.

Further, a new deck makes for the perfect location to host warm weather parties and gatherings. Most people find pleasure in being outdoors, especially in the warm weather, and a new deck, designed to your personal taste, can be a welcome addition to any gathering. During these difficult times, many families are now taking advantage of family and friend gatherings in their own back yard and enjoying quality time together after being cooped up for so long. Having spent a great deal of time indoors these past few months, stuck watching TV, surfing the net or playing video games, being outdoors on your newly designed deck with family and friends is surely a welcome event.

Here at Construct-All USA we want our clients to know that though renovations to your home can sometimes be quite costly, a deck addition, however, can be the ideal project to perform. A kitchen or bathroom renovation can definitely run in the range of $30K-$40K, but adding a deck to your outdoor living space costs a good deal less.

Last but certainly not least, adding a deck to your home and property, whether you plan on living there for a long time or plan to sell in the near future, can and will increase the value of your home. Generally, the add on value of a new deck may very well be comparable to the cost to design and install the deck in the first place. Whatever the numbers may be, a new deck added to your home surely brings an added value to your home and property overall.



During the spring, summer and fall months, there is much that the great outdoors offers us. There is no doubt that many people enjoy watching television, surfing the net and playing video games. However, during the comfortable seasons, taking your family outdoors to enjoy the outdoor elements and spend quality time together is something every family needs. The addition of a new deck to your home can definitely be the solution to that very problem. Planning family cookouts, birthday parties, and a variety of other outdoor events brings families closer together during these difficult times we are faced with and in the years ahead.


Here at Construct-All USA our team of friendly, dedicated professionals stand ready to meet your every need. We are dedicated to providing our clients with only the highest quality services this side of Murfreesboro and are steadfast in our commitment to work alongside our clients on their every home improvement project. Whether you are looking to perform a deck addition, renovate your bathroom or replace your kitchen floors, we are the team for you. Simply give a shout out to one of our staff and schedule your free consultation today!

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