25 Feb 2020

One of the leading causes of property damage every year is that of indoor flooding.  Whether from indoor plumbing issues or even natural disasters, when water makes its way into places in your home or building that are supposed to remain dry it can cause a great deal of trouble for both your infrastructure and all your contents.  When this occurs wood can rot, metals can corrode, electrical wiring can be ruined and, if not resolved quickly, health hazards can occur as well.  With that said, the team here at Construct-All USA Inc. stands ready to meet all your water damage restoration needs.


There are a variety of water intrusion sources that can result in indoor flooding.  Some of the most common causes of water intrusion include:

  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes or torrential storms;
  • Leaking roofs;
  • Overflowing of nearby bodies of water;
  • Pipes that have burst;
  • Toilet overflows;
  • Water heater overflows or breakages; and
  • Sewer overflows.


When you look to the professionals here at Construct-All USA for your water damage restoration services, you can be sure we will follow a strict process to ensure that your home or building is restored to its previous state.  Our restoration process includes:

  • A thorough inspection and evaluation of your individual circumstances, including identification of the water flooding source and a summary of the steps we believe are necessary to restore your home or building.
  • We will follow up with a cost estimate of those restoration services needed in our efforts to provide you with the insight needed to understand solutions necessary for resolving your water damage issues.
  • Next, utilizing probes and meters, we will identify every bit of water in all the areas of your home or building that have been affected by the indoor flooding. In essence, we will map out all the damage that has occurred.
  • Once we have completed our assessment and put our restoration plan in place, we will shut down the source of the flooding water so as to stabilize the existing conditions. If the flooding was the result of a burst pipe or even a leaking roof, our team will seal off the leaks prior to beginning the restoration services.
  • We then take steps necessary to ensure that the water does not spread to other areas in your home or building by putting up barriers, plastic stoppers and sheets to cut off any flow and prepare for extraction of the water with pumps.
  • When the flow of water has been entirely contained, we begin the water extraction process with very powerful pumps that suck out the majority of all the flood waters. We also utilize specialized tools to remove any water from crevices, smaller cracks, and crawl spaces.  Once the water has been removed, we will set up dehumidifiers to eliminate any water vapors that are still lingering.
  • After completing our water damage restoration services, our team will clear away any debris left behind, remove those items that are not salvageable and dispose of any possibly hazardous materials that may be present.
  • Since water can spur the formation of mold spores and viruses, and flood waters can be quite unsanitary, it can leave behind spores that can affect the health of you and your family if they are not quickly removed. In addition, stale water can leave noticeable musty odors as well.  We use highly effective water disinfectants and deodorizers that will kill off all the germs, but are not harmful in any way to people and leave your home or building smelling fresh and new.
  • Finally, damage can occur to your infrastructure and your contents from the flooding. Our team will assess the damage for you and if you desire, we will perform any necessary repairs and reconstructions to your home, building, or contents. 

If you are in need of highly effective water damage restoration services for your home or building, be sure to reach out to the professionals here at Construct-All USA Inc. today.  We look forward to serving you and to providing you with the highest quality restoration services this side of the state!

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