26 Oct 2020

If you are thinking about remodeling or redesigning your bathroom this fall, the team here at Construct-All USA thought we would share some small and very simple bathroom designs that can bring out the creativity and inspiration inside.


  • Use your current floor plan – When you are planning to set in motion a new bathroom remodeling project, it makes good sense to use the layout that already exists in your current bathroom. You really don’t want to have to move fixtures or change out the current plumbing you have, especially since that can be quite costly. By using your current floor plan, you can choose a trendy smaller tub or even do away with the tub itself and install a stylish shower stall instead. If additional storage is a must do, consider a vanity or perhaps you would rather install a beautiful standing sink to add to your new trendy style.
  • Swap out those old floors – You probably have old tile on your bathroom floor if you are planning an overhaul of this tiny space. If so, spend a good amount of time choosing the right new flooring for your bathroom project. Ceramic tile is waterproof and a popular choice since the bathroom floor is apt to get wet often. Be sure you properly seal the grout so as to keep your new floor looking beautiful and like new.
  • Give focus to the ventilation – We all know that mold and mildew can develop, especially in the bathroom and can be an awful eye sore and harmful to our health. With that said, you may want to install a fan in the bathroom that vents outside so as to clear the air consistently and protect your newly remodeled room.
  • No need to start all over again – When planning new bathroom designs you want to identify those components in the bathroom that will remain as is and those that will need to be changed. You may find that the light fixtures you have in your current bathroom suit your design and style just fine. Maybe you already have a bathroom vanity, but you are thinking of changing out the entire color scheme. If so, you can simply stain the existing vanity to match or complement the new colors you have selected. Whenever you can refinish, don’t hesitate. Refinishing will leave you more of a budget to spend on components that really need drastic change.
  • Enhance the lighting – Overhead lighting is critical in the bathroom, but is far from stylish or flattering. You may want to research some new lighting fixtures that not only light up the bathroom space more, but also add to the unique and creative bathroom design you have chosen. Stylish lighting can certainly brighten up the overall room and add to a more flattering image when looking in the mirror.
  • Keep an eye on your budget – Your budget is not an actual component of your new creative design, but surely without a proper budget in place you cannot successfully perform your desired bathroom remodel. You certainly don’t want to get half way or three quarters of the way through a bathroom remodeling project only to find you haven’t enough money left in your planned budget to complete the project. Be sure to keep a close eye on your budget and spending.


We hope you found these important tips useful. The team here at Construct-All USA is committed to providing all our valued clients with only the best all round building, remodeling and renovation services this side of the state. If you are planning to build a new home, renovate your current home, or are thinking about redoing your bathroom with a stylish bathroom design then surely you have come to the right place. Our team stands ready to meet your every need and looks forward to our every opportunity to serve you. Give a shout out to our staff today and schedule your free consultation!

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