03 Jul 2019

Well, summer has finally arrived which means lots of outdoor activities, vacations and backyard gatherings.  With that said, the team here at Construct-All USA wants to reach out to all our valued clients and share some important facts and tips about fire safety this summer.  Every summer there are a vast number of fire-related disasters and injuries that occur, all of which can be avoided if you know the facts, are practical and always pay attention.

With the long summer days and nights, many people give favor to night time campfires and barbecues, outdoor grilling with lots of citronella candles and let’s not forget those 4th of July fireworks.  Though these activities are every bit fun they can also be quite dangerous as a result of the fire hazards.  With that being said, the team here at Construct-All USA wants to be sure you have as much fun as possible all the while being safe.  Here are a few practical tips for fire safety this summer.

Campfires – Everybody loves roasting marshmallows on a warm summer night over a perfect campfire.  However, before starting that roaring campfire be sure to check your local regulations with regard to fires, and take note of your surroundings to ensure that you do not start your campfire near to a grassy area or low hanging tree branches.  You should take appropriate steps to clear the surrounding area before starting the fire and make certain that your campfire is downwind from your tents and other belongings.  Once you have started the fire, be sure not to put the lighter fluid to close to the roaring fire and never, ever leave your fire unattended.  When it’s time to hit the tents, be sure you put your campfire out completely by dousing it with water, use dirt and ash to bury the fire and lastly douse the surrounding area as well.  Remember, if clothing should catch fire make sure to stop, drop and roll.

Outdoor Barbecuing – Summertime means lots and lots of barbecues and picnics with family and friends.  Though barbecuing is a common activity, it is important to engage in fire safety whenever you are using your outdoor grills.  For starters, be conscious when charcoal grilling and don’t wear clothes that are loose because they can catch fire with the flame.  Never use a lighter fluid that squirts from a can on your already lit grill because you could encounter serious burns.  Should the flame on the grill get too high, cover the flame with a spatula or something similar to cut the oxygen to the flame but never toss water onto the grill.  When you are all done grilling be sure to toss water on the coals and mix them until they are completed extinguished before you dispose of them.

Finally, if you have a gas grill be sure to check the connection that flows from the fuel line directly to the propane tank and ensure it is properly connected.  Once you have finished grilling be certain to turn the propane tank off.  If the tank is left open it can cause an explosion if the gas is released into the air and someone lights a match.

Fourth of July Fireworks – The Fourth of July is a festive time of year with lots of family picnics that typically include your own personal fireworks display.  Practicing  fire safety with your backyard fireworks is essential to the health and safety of your home and family.   We highly recommend you only use fireworks if they are legal in your home community and always be mindful of fire dangers.  Know that sparklers can be a fire hazard and quite dangerous, so be sure to instruct your children properly.  Make sure to douse all the used fireworks before you toss them away so as to avoid a fire in the trash and prevent burns.  You want to avoid wearing flowy clothes when using fireworks because they can easily catch fire.  You should always step back quickly once you light fireworks and only light them one at a time and in a very open area.  Never, ever light fireworks near to trees, bushes, or power lines.

We hope you practice these simple fire safety tips to ensure the overall safety of your home and family this summer.  However, please keep in mind that should you experience fire damage this summer and require repairs or renovations to your home, then we are the team for you.  We take tremendous pride in the top of the line services we provide all our valued clients, whether winter, spring, summer or fall.  With summer now upon us, we send along wishes for a safe and fun-filled summer and a happy Fourth of July from our family to yours!

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