18 Jan 2021
home remodeling

Many people who are suffering from shelter-in-place orders that force them to be confined to their homes, whether working remotely, or even virtual schooling for their children, have come to the realization that they simply need more space to accommodate the everyday tasks and challenges. With that said, many homeowners, who are unable to vacation this year or dine out as often as they typically do, are using monies to perform home remodeling projects that afford them the space they need.

The stay-at-home orders that have been enacted may very well be a long-term scenario which is why so many homeowners are choosing to expand existing living space or add on new space to help make remote work from home or virtual schooling much more comfortable and practical.


Searching out ways to make your stay-at-home restrictions a bit more comfortable may very well lead you to invest in a home remodeling project that can minimize the challenges and even the stress many families are experiencing these days. People are planning simple and even complex renovations that will not only provide the additional space needed, but will also add to the aesthetic appeal and the value of your home.

During these very difficult times, the team of dedicated consultants, designers and contractors here at Construct-All USA is on hand to help homeowners solve their home space problems. For homeowners who are looking to expand their living space to accommodate work, exercise and school needs, the pros here at Construct All USA stand ready to meet your needs. There are many reports out there that have disclosed that inquiries for home improvement projects specific to expansions, extensions and additions have increased to a remarkable 60%. Whether converting a guest room into the ideal office, an unfinished basement into a virtual classroom or even a shed into a yoga studio, our team has got you covered.


For those families with school age children, this difficult pandemic has forced homeowners to implement virtual classrooms to allow their children to continue on with education. Not knowing when children can return to their classrooms has forced many families to make virtual home school a priority on their list of must do tasks. Families are looking for practical and affordable additions or expansions they can make to accommodate the need for virtual classrooms. That’s where the pros here at Construct-All USA come in. Our team of dedicated professionals are equipped to handle all your home remodeling projects, whether finishing a basement, enlarging a guest room, or putting on an addition, you have surely come to the right place.


Families across the country have had to make multiple adjustments to the restrictions and new guidelines put in place as a result of this pandemic. From children having to engage in virtual classrooms and parents having to work remotely, the changes have certainly been challenging for

everyone. We are all in this together which is why the dedicated team of professionals here at Construct-All USA want to help make a difference. Our team possesses all the experience, know-how, expertise and understanding needed to help everyone of our valued clients create a much-needed comfortable atmosphere at home that benefits every family member.

For more information on creative layouts and designs for your Pandemic home remodeling project, or to schedule a free consultation, reach out to one of our team members today. We look forward to serving you and to helping you make your home a more comfortable and practical living space that meets with all your family needs.

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