18 Nov 2015

construct all usa inc nov 1 post icy roof picNow’s the time when our thoughts generally turn to comfort foods, cozy sweaters and slippers, and drinks and desserts full of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. We’ve got layered clothing ready for the kids, jackets ready for thinner-skinned pups, and gloves handy if we don’t have heated steering wheels. How many of us though, have also given thought to preparing our Nashville roof for the colder season? It’s just as important to make sure that roofing repairs and home improvement measures are taken now, before any inclement weather hits us. Here are the top things Murfreesboro roofing contractors will address:

Roof Surface: The shingles, flat panels, or tiles need to be thoroughly inspected for any signs of damage. General contractors in Middle TN will also check flashing, to make sure that where there needs to be water run-off, everything is sealed properly and free of any defects.

Gutters: Snow accumulation or heavy rain can worsen blockages caused by leaves, debris, or even stuff used by animals for nesting. Depending on what type of roof you have, and your budget and maintenance preferences, a Middle Tennessee restoration company may advise on gutter guards to help with debris, snow, or water build-up.

Trees: A roofing company in Nashville can safely check for any tree limbs that may potentially fall or scratch across the roof during a strong Winter storm. Not only are weak or leaning branches a threat to personal safety, but if they break off, they can significantly impact roofing costs to repair the damage.

Interior Insulation: It’s equally as important to check the insulation right under the roof, and look for any signs of water leaking, or cracks where cold air can draft in.

Let Construct-All USA, Inc. make sure that your roof is ready for whatever the season brings. Contact us today for a free quote!

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