01 Sep 2015
bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common projects that homeowners indulge in. Given the framework of the existing bathroom and how you’d like to expand it, who wouldn’t appreciate having a room with more space, more than one sink, and either a larger tub/shower combo, a separate shower and tub, or just a comfy Roman tub? It’s a renovation full of possibilities, and something perfectly suited for a general contractor in middle TN to assist you with.

Here’s a list of the top things to consider, when getting ready for this home improvement:

Time: Your ideas may include additional plumbing and electric work for your bathroom remodeling, which would also affect time and cost. Are you flexible with how long this may take, or are you trying to have it done within a defined time range? Will everyone in your home be happy only relying on the other bathroom while this work is being done?

Design and Purpose: From the flooring to cabinet refacing to built-in shelving to even the little hardware or accent touches, is this a design layout that you’ll be happy with for the entire time you’re living in this home? Or are you following a trend that may seem very appealing now, but has the potential to eventually cause you to wonder why you did it? Discussing the aesthetic factors as well as the practical ones with the remodeling company in Murfreesboro will help make sure the details are right for you.

Budget: You should determine right from the start whether or not there is wiggle room within what you’re planning for bathroom remodel costs. This way, your contractor knows what to work with, and how best it’s going to happen.

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