30 Nov 2020

When potential buyers set out to buy a home one of the most important components of a house they give focus to is that of the overall framework of the home. When buying a new home, individuals want to be sure that the bones of the home are good enough to meet their individual needs and withstand the test of time.

With that said the team here at Construct-All USA wants to offer our valued clients some insight on what some of the key features are in a home with a solid framework.


  • Solid quality construction – It is important to inspect a home looking for any fundamental structural problems in advance of any purchase. When doing a walk through a home you want to get that really ‘feel good’ feeling and feel confident that the overall structure is solid. Be sure to look for cracks that may be present in stairways or over doorways and take time to inspect the floor joists in the basement as well. Be sure that the joists are notched properly into the sill and that there are no cracks present between the ends of the joists and the sill itself. Also, be sure to examine the foundation wall ensuring that it is not listing in an outward direction and that the walls of the foundation are not bowing at all. Finally, give a good look at the roof to ensure that it is in one plane and not swaying or sagging at all.
  • Adequate floor plan – When buying a home, you want to know that there exists a good flow between the rooms in the living area that are frequently used. Are the locations and layout of the rooms logistical and if necessary, with the current layout will you be able to remodel or renovate to add living space or make existing space more livable? If you love the house, but the layout just seems awkward, try to envision how the space would look were you to add or remove walls. Sometimes removing specific walls can make the living space more spacious without changing the footprint of the house at all.
  • A solid infrastructure – We all know how simple a task it is to replace shingles or windows or even to update home components such as lighting fixtures. However, if the basic infrastructure of a house is lacking in shape and health, including the foundation, roof or the plumbing, heating and electrical systems, then performing renovations or remodeling can be extremely difficult.
  • A home with character – Homes, believe it or not, actually have personalities. Homes are not identical in layout, structure, feel or appeal. Rather, they are constructed with various architectural designs and details that make them aesthetically appealing and unique in their own design. From skylights, hand railing, and open room designs there are a number of artistic features that you can use to make your home stand out above the rest.
  • Properly proportioned and sized rooms – When looking into a new home be sure that the existing rooms are of a useful shape and size to meet your specific needs. If not, are they able to be renovated easily? There are many houses that were built with rather small rooms that would be less that satisfactory for today’s modern living styles. Though adding a beam, removing walls, and designing a more open floor plan can allow for a number of beneficial changes, if there are fundamental issues with the structure than the ability to correct these issues may be quite limited. When the underlying structure of an existing house is extremely limited the cost to remodel and create needed space can be overly expensive.


Here at Construct-All USA our team of highly skilled and experienced designers and consultants stand ready to meet your every need. Our team is steadfast in our commitment to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients and to help you remodel or renovate your home to meet with your individual modern lifestyle. For a free consultation, contact one of our staff today!

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