25 May 2017
Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to kitchen renovations, it can be so easy for you to get carried away. You may have a good idea of the changes you want to be done. But if you don’t plan your renovations carefully, you could end up overspending and not having the results you want. Check out the following suggestions that can keep you from getting burned by your renovation selections.

Contractor Selection

You can’t just choose some random contractor and realistically expect great results. That’s like going to the casino and gambling your life savings away on a crap shoot. There’s a big chance you won’t win. Because your home is an investment and it just so happens to be the place that you are most comfortable in, you should take make choosing the best contractor for the job a priority. Contact more than three companies. Check their references and credentials. When checking references, don’t forget to start with the most recent ones. Ask around your neighborhood for recommendations. You can even go to your local hardware and home improvement store to check their community boards and ask the staff for recommendations.

Don’t Let Busy Schedules Be a Deterrence

In your quest to find a good contractor, don’t feel discouraged if the ones you are interested in hiring have busy schedules. Good contractors tend to be in high demand, especially during the busy season. Instead of rushing and hiring a company that doesn’t get much business, be a little more patient. Try to make work your kitchen renovations project around your preferred choice of general contractor’s schedule.

Make a List of Wants

What are your reasons for remodeling your kitchen? Make a list of them so you can show them to your contractor and design consultant. Arrange them according to priority, must-haves versus wants. If you’re looking to add more storage, brighten up the room, improve its function or something else, make those wishes known at your first meeting. The design consultant can show you how they can incorporate the things you desire. They can also show you alternatives to your initial ideas that may be better suited for your budget and the complete picture.

Use What You Have for Kitchen Renovations

A big mistake that many homeowners make is not using what they already have when making changes to their kitchens. Empty out your drawers and cabinets so you can get a firm idea of the space you actually do have. It’s time for you to assess your current organization skills. Ask yourself if there are things you can do to maximize your space a little more, so you don’t have to have so much additional cabinet space added in. Look for ideas online. You may find that you can reduce some of your kitchen remodeling expenses by changing your organizational habits a bit.

Even if you decide that you still need to add more cabinet space and other functional enhancements to your kitchen to make storing your kitchen items easier, you’ll have a better idea of how to utilize your kitchen space when your renovations are complete.

Appliance Selection

Don’t get so blown away by all of the shiny new appliances you see when you go shopping. Even if you are just upgrading what you have, you should spend a little time comparison shopping. Prices often vary by several hundred dollars at different stores. Be sure to purchase appliances that you’ll actually use. Many appliances come with a ton of great features, but if you’re not them or don’t plan to use them much, you should stay on the conservative side of things. Don’t forget that Energy Star-rated appliances are ideal because they cost less to operate.

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