04 Nov 2019

Do you have an unfinished basement in your home and are looking to remodel it?  Many homeowners when thinking about their home improvement projects, tend to overlook the basement.  However, here at Construct-All USA, Inc. we take pride in our top of the line remodeling services and that includes basement remodeling projects that help turn your downstairs into a fully functioning room.  Instead of just using your basement as a large storage bin, there are a number of fun ways to use all that extra space to your benefit.


A Stylish Entertainment Area – Your basement space can be easily transformed into a magnificent entertainment zone for all to enjoy.  A large flat screen television, DVD players, surround sound, video game consoles and a whole lot more can easily turn that dull basement storage area into a fun-filled entertainment center for the whole family to enjoy.  You may even want to add a bar and dart board for the grown ups to enjoy while taking in their favorite Monday Night Football game.  If your basement is large enough, you can even think about adding a pool table, hockey table, ping pong table or even the trendiest arcade style game if that’s what you are enthusiastic about.

The dedicated team of professionals here at Construct-All USA are on hand to consult with you and determine the ideal layout and design of your home’s basement to ensure that you are utilizing all the space to its fullest capacity.  We are on hand to help with all your decision making and look forward to our every opportunity to help you create the perfect entertainment paradise for every member of the family.Basement Remodeling

A Quiet Man’s or Lady’s Cave – The fast pace of every day, usually leaves men and women alike needing some quiet, alone space of their own.  The simple concept of a man cave, serves the ladies as well.  Why not turn your basement into a quiet retreat where Mom of Dad can escape to at the end of a hectic day or week and simply relax and unwind?  A bookcase filled with exciting books, a DVD player that helps set the mood with the perfect movie, and even a private bar stocked with all the right cocktails can surely turn your empty space into a much needed quiet, getaway space.  No matter your style or your taste, the remodeling specialists here at Construct–All USA are on hand to make it happen.  Give a shout out to our team and schedule your free consultation today and let us help you design and create your own safe haven from the world today.

A Trendy Craft Room – Do you have a favorite hobby that tends to take up a good deal of space in your home, perhaps woodworking, painting or even photography?  If so, why not turn your basement space into the perfect craft studio where you can put all your talents to work and unwind at the same time.  You can get creative and put together the ideal décor that will set the mood for your own creative mind and help you to feel comfortable when engaging in your favorite hobby or past time.  A large stereo system with surround sound can add that perfect touch of style and comfort, allowing you to simply get lost in time.  Contact the pros here at Construct-All USA today and let’s talk about being creative together.

A Personal Recording Studio – Are you a musician who just loves to write, record and play music, but don’t have the perfect area for it?  Then, why not turn your basement into your private music world where you can jam, practice, record and get musically creative.  Let’s not forget the sound proofing or a variety of other acoustic enhancements you can add to your new recording studio to give it that real touch of class along with all those recording devices.  Turning your basement into your own private music studio is apt to give you the time you need to be yourself and enjoy your hidden talents.

If you are in the market for a basement remodeling, then we are the team for you.  Contact our team of professionals here at Construct-All USA, Inc. to schedule your free consultation today!

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