10 Dec 2019

Planning and performing a kitchen renovation can certainly be a costly home improvement project.  However, the team here at Construct-All USA wants to provide our valued clients with some important budgeting tips they can use when planning their kitchen makeover.  Depending upon the size of your kitchen space, how much of a remodel you want to perform, and the materials you select, the cost of your project will vary greatly from one home to the next.


Here are some important details that will contribute to your remodeling budget.

  • Kitchen RenovationWhen you are putting together an estimate of what your renovation budget should be, it is important that you take into consideration whether the layout of any of your existing kitchen components, such as appliances or cabinets, will be changed, moved or simply upgraded. This is an important component of your budgeting and will have a great impact on the cost of your home improvement project, especially if you have to move or rearrange electrical or plumbing elements and locations in your kitchen.  If such is the case, there will be an added cost to your project that involves having an architect or interior designer draw up an entirely new floor plan to accommodate the necessary changes.
  • Next, you will need to decide on how many cabinets you will want. Choosing pre-stocked cabinets will be much more affordable than having your cabinets customized.  Pre-stocked cabinet providers have a limited number of styles and colors to choose from, however, which is why many homeowners opt to have semi-custom cabinetry so as to choose the design, color, material and any special features they may want to accent their existing décor and bring out their own personality and taste.
  • Next, it is important to decide on the countertop material that suits you best. There are a variety of materials to choose from.  From granite, marble, tile and laminate, to wood, concrete and even recycled glass the materials you can choose are many.  The professionals here at Construct-All USA highly recommend you look at samples of those materials you are interested in and seek out the opinion of your design consultant as well.  Design consultants, and even the contractor, will be familiar with the many benefits each material type offers.
  • Yet another important component of your kitchen renovation project is that of appliances. Appliances tend to take up a good chunk of your budget unless of course you are able to keep your existing appliances upon completion of the project.  If, however, you must purchase new appliances, be sure to do extensive research on the various models and types of appliance available to you.  Shop around at a number of different stores and when possible purchase a bundle package with your needed appliances.
  • Finally, be sure to set aside funds for light fixtures, faucets, cabinetry accessories and a backsplash to name a few. These are a few of the more obvious accessories that can give that added touch of class to your new kitchen look.  Be sure to shop around, since there are so many vendors to choose from, especially if online shopping.

The kitchen is indeed the heart of any home so you want to be sure that your kitchen renovation is a true reflection of your personality, your style and your existing home décor.  For more information about the various phases of your remodeling project, be sure to reach out to the experts here at Construct-All USA.  Our team of dedicated professionals stands ready to meet your every need.  Give a shout out to one of our staff today and schedule your free consultation.  With the holidays now upon us, our family here at Construct-All USA sends along wishes to all our valued clients for a safe and happy holiday season!

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