02 Mar 2016

Flooring is much more than just the bottom foundation in every room – it’s become its own focal point in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, and practicality. Snazzy Nashville renovations can put together a theme, with great furniture, artwork, and color schemes, and yet if the floor doesn’t look or feel right, then the whole thing […]

22 Feb 2016

When it’s finally time for kitchen or bathroom remodeling, you may think it’s better to do it yourself. Whether because of budget concerns or because it seems unnecessary to have a Middle Tennessee general contractor do the work, tackling a renovation on your own can create a worse situation than before you began. Here are […]

01 Sep 2015
bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common projects that homeowners indulge in. Given the framework of the existing bathroom and how you’d like to expand it, who wouldn’t appreciate having a room with more space, more than one sink, and either a larger tub/shower combo, a separate shower and tub, or just a comfy Roman […]