19 Sep 2016

It can be an intimidating process to hire an apartment contractor, especially if you’ve never done it before. Whether you need new countertops in the rooms or a new sink in a specific unit, there are so many questions to consider. For instance, how many estimates should you get, how should you contact the contractor, and what should you look for in a quality contractor?

How to Find a General Contractor:

In most places, there are plenty of apartment complex contractors to choose from, so it can seem intimidating to narrow down this list. You might ask friends and family whether they have had a good experience with a company, such as Construct All USA. Don’t worry if someone isn’t able to provide a personal recommendation of their own, however.


On average, it is generally recommended that you receive about three estimates for your larger commercial construction projects. Major jobs will vary in price by as many as thousands of dollars. When requesting an estimate from Construct All USA, you should ask for a quote based on your specific criteria, such as:
– Whether the bids have the same quality material
– Whether the bids have the same services, or if some companies offer more
– Whether the bids have all included fees

What To Look For:

Before immediately accepting the lowest bid you hear, it’s very important to do a little additional research on the company to make sure they’re going to actually give you value for that low price. Some companies may charge a bit more but will offer a considerably higher value for your investment, especially down the road for your bottom line.

To ensure you’re getting the most for your quote, ask us for some past client referrals. You can interact with our past clients and see how well our services have worked for them before. Check out our reviews and our history with other companies and the Better Business Bureau.


Contracts are an essential part of the business. If a general contractor doesn’t want to sign an official document for commercial construction, back out of the project and go with another quality company like Construct All USA. The terms will always vary between companies and project, but you want to ensure that your document is very specific to your one project.

For example, if you’re just looking for a paint job, don’t sign a general contract with an apartment complex contractor. Your document should state the specific rooms to be painted, in addition to all paint numbers and other instructions for the contractor to adhere to for the duration of the project. The more specific the contract terms, then the more protected you will be in the event that something goes wrong.

Why Pick Construct All USA?

We specialize in renovation services and remodeling services for apartment buildings and multi-family units. We serve a number of regions in the area, and our team is filled with dedicated, experienced men and women with a variety of skill sets to use to your advantage. This allows us to rapidly turnover projects without loss of quality.

At Construct All USA, we have completed several apartment remodeling projects in the area. We are more than capable of delivering any services you will require for your apartment turnovers, whether it is a simple paint job or repair or something as extensive as a full renovation.

Some of the services we can offer include:
– Kitchen remodeling
– Floor replacement
– Hardwood floor refinishing
– Carpet cleaning
– Interior painting
– Exterior painting
– Additions

Construct All USA: A Contractor You Can Trust

For many years, Construct All USA has led the area in commercial remodeling with several years of combined experience throughout our team members. Our experience extends to working with landlords, business owners, as well as property managers directly.

We’re very familiar with the balance required for keeping apartment units filled with tenants while ensuring they’re always updated and fresh for new home seekers. Our expertise includes rapidly delivering an apartment remodeling project with as little disruption as possible while maintaining the highest quality standard of craftsmanship that our clients have come to know us for.

Give us a call today or contact us online to schedule a consultation or for more information about our apartment remodeling services.

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