04 Feb 2016

construct all usa storm damage pic 10You hear the wind howling, rain pounding, the rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning, and think about how warm and comfortable you are, and how nice it’ll be when it’s over. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always just come and go, with scattered garbage the most that resulted from storm damage. As much as you may want to check out all of the after-effects, you should let Construct-All USA, Inc. do so, because of safety and thoroughness concerns.

If an object can be lifted or moved by strong elements, then it’s a potential cause for Nashville renovations. So even if there hasn’t been a storm warning, but especially if so, outdoor furniture, toys, play equipment, gardening décor and anything else that can be thrown about should be put away, and garages and sheds well secured. Just as dangerous are trees falling, or the limbs breaking through glass, which is why it’s important to keep trees trimmed, and to be aware if a tree leans towards your house.

Overhead damage may not be overtly obvious, but a Nashville roofing contractor can inspect for the slightest crack that can weaken the support structure, lead to leaks, or create drafts. Gutters are also checked, so home and roof improvements can be scheduled right away.

Whatever the cause, your Middle Tennessee general contractor will look over every minute detail, including the foundation, windows, the siding, and even your house’s exterior paint. A restoration company in Middle TN, such as Construct-All USA, Inc., will then develop a plan that also incorporates preventative measures such as floodwalls or resistant materials, and storm shutters or laminated glass.

We’re here for you, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and have 24-hr. 7-day emergency services. Contact us immediately for Nashville insurance restoration services, so we can start those comprehensive home repairs as soon as possible!

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