07 Jan 2016

construct all usa basement remodel pic 8Basements are often ideal storage spaces for existing or new construction in Middle TN homes. While they’re certainly viable for stacking stuff that aren’t always used, and no potential storage space should be left empty, there’s plenty that can be done with making it more than just a place where seasonal items are kept. When considering Murfreesboro home improvements, take a look at the following for basement remodeling:

Ventilation: Check for proper ventilation, and make sure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed. If there aren’t any windows, ask your Middle TN general contractor about where it’s best to place them.

Moisture: Make sure that there are no leaks, and no spots where moisture can be trapped. Remember that mold thrives in moist environments, so also check for its presence.

Structural damage: Cracks or anything that makes the foundation, walls, and ceiling unsafe or a potential safety hazard need to be addressed. Once the room is structurally sound, Nashville restoration plans can move forward.

Animal Nests: Have a thorough inspection done for insect, rodent, bat, and bird nests, and if necessary, arrange for services to humanely remove them and prevent their return.

Code requirements: Whether or not this project is part of Nashville insurance restoration, your contractor will make sure that everything is up to code.

Insulation and noise reduction: Insulation is key to a comfortable and functional basement space, as well as a level of soundproofing that keeps everyone happy. Noise reduction is particularly important for providing privacy for multi-family renovations.

Pumps, tanks, and pipes: A remodeling company in Murfreesboro will also make certain that all plumbing and heating equipment is in proper order, and help you design the room’s intentions around those structures.

Set up an appointment with Construct-All USA, Inc. to discuss how we can turn your basement into the room that meets your needs. Contact us today!

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